Pluto Management Group
Pythona Studios is excited to unveil the launch of Pluto Management Group, a new division focused on managing the careers and projects of all the artists, content creators, and creator groups within the company. Check out the website at pluto.management to learn more!


RE: https://www.pythona.news/ps/cookie-sykes-goes-series-7-mini-update/ Due to unforeseen circumstances, Episode 3 could not be uploaded on time, this will be uploaded on the 30th, along with Episodes 4 & 5 Order of Uploading: Episode 3: 10AM Episode 4: 11AMEpisode 5: 12PM – As normal After this week, uploads should be on time; sorry for the inconvenience caused. – […]


Cookie Sykes Goes Series 7 Mini Update
Hello, Just a quick CSG Series 7 Update. We forget that we set Series 7 to be released Weekly and not Bi-Weekly, Meaning Episode 2 & 3 Was uploaded Late, Episode 3 will be released on the 23rd @ 11am, with Episode 4 Releasing on the 23rd @ 12PM. Meaning From episode 4 All will […]


Pythona Studios Update!
As on 9th August 2022, Pythona Studios was incorporated by Thomas Ewan Sykes (CEO of Pythona Studios); our business name is Pythona Studios Limited, Trading as Pythona Studios. You can find our company number in the footer of most Pythona Studios Websites! -Pythona News Team


Pythona News Update!
Pythona Studios have recently purchased a new domain for Pythona News, the old domain will redirect to the new one (pythona.news). -Pythona News Team


Cookie Sykes Goes Series 7!
Cookie Sykes Goes Season 7 Coming 2nd October 2022! Pythona Studios, Pythona Productions, Sykes.Dog Media announced that Cookie Sykes Goes Series 7 Will officially be coming out on Sunday 2nd October 2022! The official Title and Poster are still to come, Stay tuned! -Pythona Studios & Pythona Productions Team

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